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Artist Statement

Fiona Ferguson

is an Eora/Sydney based Australian artist, engaging slow image-making techniques to compile digital archives of her original images that celebrate the colours, textures and shapes she has gathered over a lifetime of looking and observing.


Densely and intuitively layered, her works at times incorporate up to 20 or 30 photographs in one seemingly singular image. Walking a line between serendipity and intention in her exploration of abstraction, she searches for an embodiment of emotive moments and memories - colour tethering her work to the ebbs and flows of her own emotional journeys. Drawing on that sentimentality and evocation of memory through colour, she produces often vibrant works that she hopes will trigger emotional responses in her audience.


An emerging artist who debuted her work at Sydney Contemporary 2022, she participated again in 2023. She had her debut exhibition as a part of the Head On Photo Festival in November 2023 at Laerk Gallery in Newtown, Sydney.

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